Curvy ant cabin educational and fun

Product Number: Kevvo201807—MY03
Product Name: Ant cabin educational and fun
Size: 20.5*15*7.5cm
Carton Size: 47*43*32cm
Type: Other category toys
Color: Colorful
Packing:Color box
Place of Origin:Zhejiang,  China (Mainland)
OEM / ODM:Welcome

Product Description


Ant world specifications:
1, The best way to research ants;
2, An ideal toy for all ages and school science project.

Ant world specifications:

Ant world is a product conceptualized from a test carried out on a spaceflight where US scientists researched the behavior of ants in weightless conditions. Ant homeland allows one to study the behavior of ants in a unique, self-contained environment. Its nutrient gelatin is full of nutrients specially formulated for the needs of the ants. The clear nutrients gelatin allows one to observe the amazing networks of 3D tunnels formed by ants as they work. The nutrients gelatin is specially concocted from a sea plant source, has no heavy metals and is safe to handle.


1, Provide ant habitat;

2, Watch ants create 3-D tunnels;

3, Study behaviours of ants.

4, A Relaxing toy: during the busy working hours, when watching fanny ants working hardly and cooperate with each other, you can relax yourself.

5, Improve children’ intelligence, ability of inspection and thinking.

Instructions for use:

1, Open the cover, make several holes of about 25mm deep in the nutrient gelatin. Ants will crawl down these holes and begin to dig and make beautiful 3D tunnels.

2, Open the cover, put in the ants and close the cover tight. Do not disturb the ant that you have just put in. Ants will start to dig in about 24-48 hours. If the ants do not start to digging, check whether the temperature is suitable, otherwise change the group of ants.

3, Do not place the ant homeland under direct sunlight. Ants prefer shade and thrive in temperatures between 20-25°C

4, The nutrient gelatin in the ant house is specially formulated from an ocean plant. It contains all the needed nutrition and water for the ants, thus you don’t have to feed them extra food.

5, After every 7-10 days, open the cover slightly while the ants are resting to provide them with fresh air. Do not leave the cover open for more than an hour.

6, Use the magnifier to observe the 3D tunnels built by the ants and to investigate how they work, communicate, rest, eating and fighting etc.