Yiwu Kevvo Technology Co.,Ltd.

Yiwu Kevvo Technology Co., Ltd., located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, officially established in June 2018, is a toy company that integrates R & D, production and sales.

We gather the industry elites, master R & D, innovate and combine the different toy markets and standards in the world to conduct toy design and development, follow the market to expand the product industry chain, leading the industry trend and aspiring to become a well-known toy manufacturer in China.

We will provide our customers with the best service and price for our new products and OEM products each year.Explore the toys in a more scientific way, our main products including intellectual development educational toys, new strange toys, children’s bath toys and DIY product sets. Develop products and accessories for the toy industry, seeking to provide the best products in the toy industry.

The aim of us is to create high-quality products with all heart and bring happy toys to consumers.


Development Capability

We have a number of experienced toy development engineers, who specialize in all areas of the toy industry and develop various series of toy products for us. Regularly push newly developed products for customers to inform them of our new product information for the first time.

Timeliness Capacity

For the products developed by the company, reply the product quotation the same day; for products developed with customer intention, once the idea is given, complete the quotation in 3 working days, prepare the sample well in a week, and finish the production order in 40 days after the test result is approved.

Quality Standard

We provide one-time approved samples, and if encountered testing problems, we will offer the supplementary samples and undertake costs. For each batch of purchasing materials, there exist a strict sampling inspection process and a function quality inspection for the finished products before its assembly, and thus achieve a strict control of the quality of each batch of products.

Product advantages

Our products have the absolute price competitiveness under the same quality condition, as well as ability of product modification and the price control, making it possible for the customers to enjoy superior quality products at a reasonable price.



receiving customer product direction idea, sample and target price

 confirm  the cooperation agreement

BOM list and product prices

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pictures and video to confirm effect

provide 3 sets of sample to the customer final confirmation

provide samples to the customer to do export inspection

received customer official order and deposit

purchase order

product assembly

Client or third party inspection

container shipment

Procurement PROCESS

pay the sample gold

send out the sample and quotation

confirm the sample and price

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received customer official order and deposit

product assembly

Client or third party inspection

Consignment in containers or other ways

Quality process

Screening of suppliers

field inspection inspection


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purchasing material

Testing after materiel reaching

First product functional testing

Final product functional testing

the inspection